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Undoubtably, the scones are the main objects of desire at this delightful little tea room in Skipton, and a prize much in demand at that. We tried to look disappointed that they had run out of sultana scones, a thinly disguised rouse when apricot and ginger – our secret desire all along – was the substitute. The fairy granting wishes must have felt a bout of generosity and continued to hang around, for our afternoon tea delivered the preferred choice of orange and lemon cake. I was left believing that this happy coincidence was as it was meant to be, and all was right with the world.

Delightful Three sheep tea room in Skipton Yorkshire

Delightful Three sheep tea room in Skipton Yorkshire

The egg mayonnaise sandwiches were rich, the leaf tea flavoursome, and vintage china tea cups provided, my very clear preference my dears as you will know. Mind you, the tea rooms three sheep logo made an appearance on the coffee cups leaving my fellow tea drinkers feeling just slightly aggrieved. As fast as a table was vacated, new and eager tenants replaced them, looking as pleased as we had at having secured their position. Upstairs, The Three sheep Tea room feels intimate with an unhurried yet ordered ambience leaving you feeling like you are surrounded by a well honed engine delivering peace and tranquility and the perfect atmosphere. Quite honestly, this is what a delightful afternoon tea is all about, an escape from the bustling world even when it is the lovely Yorkshire market town of Skipton. The origin of the tea rooms name though remains a mystery……..

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Wimbledon Tennis inspired afternoon tea treats – Dorchester Hotel London

The Wimbledon tennis championships are almost upon us. For those in need of any context, this is a time when the UK weather becomes either amazingly good, or spectacularly bad. All hopes are pinned on the possibility of a British winner – again. Perhaps fate will deem that time is now here – after all, it is time we had a bit of a change, she says in ever optimistic tones.

Cucumber sandwiches, strawberries with cream are the traditional fare of course but looking for inspiration for a tennis afternoon tea, I stumbled across a wonderful tennis ball and court cake – quite the perfect creations for such an occasion. Another favourite I feel compelled to share is the very creative collection of Wimbledon inspired cup cakes from Hummingbird Bakery. The grassy one is just amazing!

Serving up a tennis treat – Grassy lawns, tennis balls, racquets & strawberries – Wimbledon inspired cupcakes from the hummingbird Bakery

Now, you may be thinking what is the perfect drink to accompany your afternoon watching tennis?

Now I know I am biased but what could be more perfect that iced tea. I love Lahloo tea’s cold infused summer punch tea. Truth be told though my dears, it may be very likely that you will be battling with your umbrella against the horizontal rain whilst clinging to your flask of hot water, thereby ensuring there is a more traditional, and importantly hot brew available. Whatever the weather though, do enjoy your Wimbledon tennis afternoon tea.

More afternoon tea time inspiration can be found at:

5 splendid ideas’s for amazing afternoon teas

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Gentleman’s afternoon tea – perfect for a posh father’s day

The Grosvenor Hotel in Chester is one of those places when you step in the door that you know you are going to be apprehended I stand a little taller prior to the question – even if I know I have a good response – I always think it is harder to throw someone out who looks the part. But we have the necessary booking and all is efficient service once this initial encounter is done with. In our case, we are heading to the intimate Arkle bar and select a generous sofa to relax and await our tea. The tea is served freshly brewed, and poured for you if you wish. It goes without saying my dears that more hot water is supplied that easily brews another pot with the excellent tea leaves.

Gentleman’s Afternoon tea

At the perfect moment, just before we can no longer resist the cakes, we are tempted with the offer of more crusty bloomers and the gorgeous Cheshire Appleby cheese, a very nice touch that will have me returning bravo Grosvenor! A generous portion of chunky chips cannot fail to keep the chaps happy, but I have my eye on the liquorice macaroon and slab of fruit cake. The Grosvenor more than exceeds expectations. A great feature of this gentleman’s tea is the generosity of the experience. You can imagine that I can drink a fair amount of tea, but the Grosvenor has almost out tead even me. Their other rule – no electronic devices – Well, after all, one needs to concentrate on the essentials of a gentleman’s afternoon tea, and it does quite set the tone. With Father’s Day fast approaching, Tea with Mary Kate’s recommendation is a proper gentleman’s tea – just the ticket to treat that special man in your life.

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With only a few days to go to the Royal event of a lifetime, Tea with Mary Kate is reaching a state of  preparedness. All the best china tea cups are at the ready with my best white table linen ironed to within an inch of its life. Most importantly, there is a rather large supply of bunting – stand still long enough and you will be covered!

The way to celebrate this splendid events is of course is a traditional afternoon tea.  Now my dears, it goes almost without saying that  very little motivation is required on my behalf to acquire a new tea pot  for this splendid occasion- well, they are so practical and always very handy. It is hardly any indulgence at all to invest in a new teapot to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

Tea with Mary Kate is still deliberating on her 3 favourite tea pots -With time ticking which one to choose?:

Alison Gardiner diamond jubilee tea pot

Emma Bridgewater 60 years a Queen diamond jubilee tea pot

Royal crown derby diamond jubilee 2 person tea pot

Do you have a favourite? My dears, I would love to hear from you what your recommendation is for the most marvellous tea pot to accompany a jubilee afternoon tea?

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Diamond jubilee – celebrate with afternoon tea and british bunting

My dears, I have decided what is so amazing about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Of course, there is the excitement of a rather splendid occasion to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne. At its core though is its absolute Britishness – Bunting and street parties will close roads. Quintessential Britishness is Afternoon Tea and cucumber sandwiches. Bells will be pealing across the country, beacons lit, with genuine infectious enthusiasm that is epitomised by the quite charming eccentricity of people camping out in London for a glimpse of the Queen.

The whole of Britain is being covered in bunting!

At its heart, Tea with Mary Kate is terribly proud to be British. Time is fleeting – Life is so very precious. Tea with Mary Kate will be savouring every moment as she looks to catch a glimpse of the flotilla on the river Thames. However you choose to spend your time, I do hope you do relish every second.

Queen Elizabeth II coronation 1952

More British inspiration for this splendid event can be found at:

A Royal Afternoon Tea – Ideas for how to Celebrate with the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee

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Diamond Jubilee afternoon tea – Park Lane Hilton

I can safety report that very soon no part of Britain will escape being covered in Bunting for the Jubilee weekend! The other marvellous tea-lema for Tea with Mary Kate as she making her way to London is quite how many afternoon teas can be squeezed into one weekend – well, there’s only one way to find out! I loved the purple theme of this afternoon tea at the Park Lane Hilton – quite regal with the beautiful portrait of the Queens coronation by Cecil Beaton


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I just adore the cake designs that the very talented Anne Heap is creating the founder and pastry chef for the Pink Cake Box. A few of my favourites are below – just as well Anne is US based or this would have been really too tempting to resist! They are works of art and look far too lovely to eat even!

topsy turvery garden rose cake from pink cake box

Tea Pot inspired cake for afternoon tea from pink cake box

A gorgeous topsy turvey tea pot cake from pink cake box

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Royal Jubilee afternoon tea time treat from Betty's

Regular reader’s will know that Tea with Mary Kate is a loyal admirer of Betty’s – a fusion of  Yorkshire and Swiss heritage…aaahh, many a happy hour has been spent in their wonderful tea room in Harrogate.

Well, my dears, I have to admit that the Royal Jubilee Afternoon tea time goodies look so gorgeous it exceeds even my lofty expectations – their lebkuchen & marzipan corgi’s are just perfect for an effortless but amazing royal jubilee afternoon tea time – and quite honestly, who could resist the splendid diamond jubilee bear, dressed as one of the Queen’s horse guard – an edible delight! There is even Betty’s special recipe loose leaf tea – a glorious collection inspired by the Queen’s favourite things. Tea with Mary Kate can think of no better way to  host a marvellous jubilee afternoon tea time celebration.

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Japanese inspired afternoon tea menu

My dears, it goes almost without saying that  Tea with Mary Kate is a British girl through and through, with a nod to tradition, and of course afternoon tea. Another tea ceremony that I have had the great privilege of  experiencing is in Japan. It is quite different but equally unique. Influenced by its Japanese roots, Nobu has now created an alternative to the traditional British afternoon tea and is launching its menu inspired by a combination of both traditions – a Japanese inspired afternoon tea! The Green Tea menu selection looks like a fabulous choice on its own – I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of such a splendid time out for tea. Any invitations to experience this fusion will be gratefully received!

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Little Moreton Hall is an iconic building. Owned by the National Trust, with its beams that have shaped and settled over 500 years, it is an Elizabethan treasure.

Afternoon Tea at the Little Tea Room - Little Moreton Hall

Now there is even more reason to pay a visit with the arrival of the Little tea room. As we watch the rain pour through the ancient windows outside – inside, the atmosphere is cosy – quite frankly the space does match up to its name – but it is the perfect place to nurture your spirit. Serving gorgeous Yorkshire tea, with you will be pleased to hear, extra boiling water supplied as standard – how splendid I thought. The cream and jam Victoria sponge was too delightful to resist. Tea with Mary Kate’s advice is to visit this gorgeous little tea room soon.

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