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Undoubtably, the scones are the main objects of desire at this delightful little tea room in Skipton, and a prize much in demand at that. We tried to look disappointed that they had run out of sultana scones, a thinly disguised rouse when apricot and ginger – our secret desire all along – was the substitute. The fairy granting wishes must have felt a bout of generosity and continued to hang around, for our afternoon tea delivered the preferred choice of orange and lemon cake. I was left believing that this happy coincidence was as it was meant to be, and all was right with the world.

Delightful Three sheep tea room in Skipton Yorkshire

Delightful Three sheep tea room in Skipton Yorkshire

The egg mayonnaise sandwiches were rich, the leaf tea flavoursome, and vintage china tea cups provided, my very clear preference my dears as you will know. Mind you, the tea rooms three sheep logo made an appearance on the coffee cups leaving my fellow tea drinkers feeling just slightly aggrieved. As fast as a table was vacated, new and eager tenants replaced them, looking as pleased as we had at having secured their position. Upstairs, The Three sheep Tea room feels intimate with an unhurried yet ordered ambience leaving you feeling like you are surrounded by a well honed engine delivering peace and tranquility and the perfect atmosphere. Quite honestly, this is what a delightful afternoon tea is all about, an escape from the bustling world even when it is the lovely Yorkshire market town of Skipton. The origin of the tea rooms name though remains a mystery……..

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