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too adorable - A squadron of Bettys ganache bumble bee's

Too adorable – A squadron of Bettys ganache bumble bee’s

In an attempt to elevate the intellectual tenor of Mary Kate’s quite splendid tea blog, I thought  would broach the subject of a topic raised by Albert Einstein no less – the mysterious disappearance of bees. Einstein discussed his view that we all need to be very worried about the state of our planet if & when our bee populations start to dwindle.Not to mention the shortage of honey for adding to a lovely cup of Lapsang souchong.

Environmentalists have taken up this theme with the fall in bee numbers & quite honestly I do anticipate the disappearance of another group of bees quite imminently – fear not thought readers, these gorgeous edible bees are designed to disappear from the marvellous bakery that is Betty’s. China tea cup in hand with the bunting fluttering in the breeze I will be having my ganache bumble bee in the sunshine & with luck, I’ll be hearing the gentle buzz of real bees all summer long.

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Royal Jubilee afternoon tea time treat from Betty's

Regular reader’s will know that Tea with Mary Kate is a loyal admirer of Betty’s – a fusion of  Yorkshire and Swiss heritage…aaahh, many a happy hour has been spent in their wonderful tea room in Harrogate.

Well, my dears, I have to admit that the Royal Jubilee Afternoon tea time goodies look so gorgeous it exceeds even my lofty expectations – their lebkuchen & marzipan corgi’s are just perfect for an effortless but amazing royal jubilee afternoon tea time – and quite honestly, who could resist the splendid diamond jubilee bear, dressed as one of the Queen’s horse guard – an edible delight! There is even Betty’s special recipe loose leaf tea – a glorious collection inspired by the Queen’s favourite things. Tea with Mary Kate can think of no better way to  host a marvellous jubilee afternoon tea time celebration.

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A rather splendid visit to Betty’s Imperial Tea Room in Harrogate

I am aware of a distant sound, old fashioned melodies drift into my consciousness. Suddenly, I remember the instructions given when I booked, and as we sweep past the queues and up the stairs towards Betty’s rather splendid Imperial Tea Room, I see the source, a piano being played, and wonderful music emanates. Perfect timing, the table by the window has just been vacated. And there, looking out onto drifts of purple & white crocus in the splendid spring afternoon, is perfect contentment and the exciting prospect of Afternoon Tea at Betty’s.

Bettys Birthday Afternoon Tea Time Treat

How wonderful that the most difficult decision is going to be what tea to choose

Time slows along with my breathing as I opt for black rose tea. My darling guest, not unexpectedly I have to add, is opting for English Breakfast . He adds that it is a traditional choice, as I hint it is the safest and most conservative one! As the tray of tea arrives, I revel in the treat of extra teapots filled with boiling water to top up the pot of infusing leaves.The waitresses that deliver the sumptuous fare are delightful and appear to be from another era, dressed in their  pretty high necked white lace blouses and long black skirts, they could quite happily be transported back  100 years and no one would notice.

Bettys splendid afternoon Tea

Happy Birthday!

Quite unexpectedly, a beautiful flower decorated cake appears, the flame of the candle burning bright as the piano plays “happy birthday”. The joy of the memory still endures as I recall the occasion. Quite honestly, I am plotting to think of any excuse to more frequently repeat this rather sophisticated birthday tea.

Bettys birthday cake

Tea with Mary Kate Adores Betty’s Tea Rooms

It feels intimate, old fashioned and rather special. The noise of teaspoons chinking against china, quiet conversation echo’s beneath the noise of the piano, Betty’s is clearly a well oiled machine, efficient, yet attentive, that delivers that rare atmosphere of a quintesionally British tea room.

Oh, and to let you into a secret, the ladies bathroom is quite the most splendid I have come across. It does make such a lovely change to powder one’s nose in such a pleasant atmosphere. Although far from the first time I have visited, Betty’s continues to delight. I highly recommend a visit.

Splendid Ladies rooms at Bettys

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