It is 70 years since the British streets thronged with cheering crowds in sheer relief that the end of the second world war had finally come.

To honour the occasion, Tea with Mary Kate has been dusting off her very best china tea cups to celebrate that quite unique moment in time. A favourite teapot filled with gorgeous seasonal flowers in patriotic red, white and blue will adorn my tea table. Not that I imagine there was too much tea drunk that night………..

I confess dear readers that I have been practising my victory rolls so they will stay in when jiving at our local vintage tea dance. What will you be doing to celebrate VE day?

Tea in Luss on the bonnie bank of Loch Lomond

Tea in Luss on the bonnie bank of Loch Lomond

Well, my dears, I tell my tale as I sit by their roaring fire. Outside is bright and brisk, the sky as pale as powder, its blue winters light illuminating the splendid snow capped hills.

There will not be that many times I think to myself when I visit a tea room where all the men are dressed in skirts, and the women wear the trousers! The secret to this observation though lies in its location. I am in the beautiful village of Luss, on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and the men, well, all the men serving tea are dressed in their tartan kilts!

Iced ginger cake is recommended by one of my newly found kilted friends. It does not disappoint, and neither do the giant cinnamon and apple scones. All served in beautiful tartan crockery. The tea is leaf, needless to say, I am in kilted tea heaven.

Tea package from Golden Tips Tea

Tea package from Golden Tips Tea

I hardly dare open it, this package wrapped in cloth and sewn shut with deft stitches, edges sealed with molten wax. Rarely do such exotic packages reach my door so I want to savour it. Quickly though, I realise that I can either stare at this beautiful packaging, anticipating but never actually seeing what the box contains, or destroy it to reach its contents – hastily, I choose the latter. Such a life lesson already for 2015!

Inside, there is tea sent from India. A bewildering choice is before me but I know what the first brew will be. I breath in the heady aroma – I can almost taste it! The Chai is warming, flavoursome, a quite lovely blend of Assam with just the right amount of cardamom and cinnamon to give sweetness and depth and warmth and comfort. I close my eyes to savour each sip. Well, my dears, it is a dark and cold winters night – what else can a tea girl do?

My huge thanks to Golden Tips Tea who have been very generous in sending tea with their compliments. More reviews to follow.

all the tea in china

All the tea in China

Last night I travelled back to China.

Not literally.

In my minds eye I returned.

Leaving behind the creature comforts of old Blightly, we ventured forth across that vast country. It felt liberating to travel with little more than a ruck sack on our backs. Terribly foreign was the other overriding sense – I could not manage a word! Let’s agree to say nothing about, well, you know, the facilities!

But fear not my dears, there was one little luxury that I did not have to do without – lovely tea. I did not let you down and drank all that I could lay my hands to – a noble sacrifice for research purposes only as you will understand and appreciate.

I was absolutely ruined. None of your run of the mill dust there, it was all beautiful leaf, gloriously flavoured oolongs, delicate greens, not to mention the odd restorative puer. Ladies pushed large vats of the stuff through the warm parks to an expectant retired crowd focused on their next game of mahjong.

It was quite the tea adventure!

Well peeps it’s been a while but I just HAD TO share this latest discovery. After a year when Chatsworth has lost its darling dowager duchess, who by her own admission could hold her own with quite the most eccentric crowd, it seems fitting that their rather lovely house has an Alice in Wonderland theme. I do hope the theme extends to the tea room where I for one will be rushing to sample the delights, ahem, again…..in fact I think I am already late for a very important date!

Toodle pip

Beautiful Queen of Hearts wedgwood china tea cups

Valentines day Tea – with Beautiful Queen of Hearts wedgwood china tea cups

Dust off your Queen of Hearts china Wedgwood tea cups, my dears, for valentine’s day is fast approaching and I have a hypothesis, a theory if you will, that I wish to share. So are you sitting comfortably, tea cup in hand? Then I will begin.

The theory is this – that at some level everyone needs, needs mind you, to love and rather importantly to be loved in return. Without this, there is the decided feeling of something missing, an imperceptible but none the less an irrevocable gap, at least we fear it could be irrevocable, that missing piece that makes us tic, makes us whole.  I speak here beyond the realms of romantic love to include the love of a parent, sibling or friend. I also put this hypothesis to you – that we fear love and loving also for it can make us vulnerable, dependant and very malleable.

What, I hear you ask, is the answer to this difficult dilemma? To build a solid wall between you and everyone else, keep a safe distance and frankly my dears, hope for the best by keeping yourself to yourself? Or to risk the experience, to feel the feeling of adoring someone who you would willingly lay down your very life and soul for?

Of course, this choice is yours. For what its worth, I choose to take the latter path – always – for however wonderful, and however woeful, never to love is never to live.

Always on the look out for gorgeous tea associated items, I adore this lovely tea towel from Emma Bridgewater, just the thing to jolly you along when drying the dishes I feel.

Love & Scandal Tea Towel - Just the thing to dry your dishes

Love & Scandal Tea Towel – Just the thing to dry your dishes