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Wimbledon Tennis inspired afternoon tea treats – Dorchester Hotel London

The Wimbledon tennis championships are almost upon us. For those in need of any context, this is a time when the UK weather becomes either amazingly good, or spectacularly bad. All hopes are pinned on the possibility of a British winner – again. Perhaps fate will deem that time is now here – after all, it is time we had a bit of a change, she says in ever optimistic tones.

Cucumber sandwiches, strawberries with cream are the traditional fare of course but looking for inspiration for a tennis afternoon tea, I stumbled across a wonderful tennis ball and court cake – quite the perfect creations for such an occasion. Another favourite I feel compelled to share is the very creative collection of Wimbledon inspired cup cakes from Hummingbird Bakery. The grassy one is just amazing!

Serving up a tennis treat – Grassy lawns, tennis balls, racquets & strawberries – Wimbledon inspired cupcakes from the hummingbird Bakery

Now, you may be thinking what is the perfect drink to accompany your afternoon watching tennis?

Now I know I am biased but what could be more perfect that iced tea. I love Lahloo tea’s cold infused summer punch tea. Truth be told though my dears, it may be very likely that you will be battling with your umbrella against the horizontal rain whilst clinging to your flask of hot water, thereby ensuring there is a more traditional, and importantly hot brew available. Whatever the weather though, do enjoy your Wimbledon tennis afternoon tea.

More afternoon tea time inspiration can be found at:

5 splendid ideas’s for amazing afternoon teas

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Well my dears I have discovered the delightful vintage inspired Betty Boyns lovely tea time designs.

My favourites are this gorgeous table cloth and napkins, completely irresistible and perfect for Easter tea time.

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Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason

I will let you into a secret my dears. There was a time when I lived in the United States, and when we used to come back for short visits, it was to Fortnum and Mason that we fled to for our dose of the quintessentially British afternoon tea. Surrounded by the delicate chink of china tea cups, gorgeous tea and wonderful sweet treats, we were home, and it felt like it was where we belonged. The memory of those teas in Fountain Room still hold a very special place in Tea with Mary Kate’s heart. What is your favourite tea time memory ?

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The vista is one of an amazing winter wonderland

Do you see it? Or is your mind focused on presents still to wrap, or how you will manage if the gifts you ordered do not make it through the snow & ice. Christmas time can be so dominated by the pressure of expectation that we genuinely forget its meaning.

A Tea Cosy with a calming Christmas message - Just the perfect present from The Crafty little cottage Harlech

You may be thinking that time is the last thing you have at this moment

It is one thing that you do have a choice over though. Christmas is about connecting,  of reigniting that magical, childlike wonder of joyfulness. The ceremony of tea allows us to pause, to breath, to charge our batteries even for a moment. It allows your heart to reconnect to what is really important.

Tea with Mary Kate’s Step by Step guide on what to do next

Choose your favourite cup

Why have you saved your best cup for later? Now is the perfect moment to use it, otherwise when will you? Many of you will know I have a weakness for vintage Tea cups, and my recommendation for Christmas Tea time is going to be no exception. I love garlands hanging like Christmas decorations around this beautiful vintage cup.

Beautiful Christmas Vintage Tea Cup

Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

Tea with Mary Kates’s Top Tips for Brewing are a mere click away. Well, if you are going to do it, you may as well do it well! There is a stillness in doing nothing more than listen to the noise of the water as it boils.

My current favourite teas are:

Birt & Tangs Ginger Tea – a clean warming blend, with cloves, pu’er & a very ginger kick! Do drink without milk

Betty’s Tea room Blend – leaf tea of course – Drink with, or without milk, my preference is with


Healthful & refreshing Birt & Tang's Ginger Tea

Keep your Tea Warm

It is cold after all, and quite frankly, there is nothing worse than cold, over brewed tea, so I have included some inspiration on How to keep your Tea Cosy

Warm wishes from Tea with Mary Kate for a joyful & contented Christmas time.

A perfect Reindeer reminder of the meaning of Christmas

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