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Enamel Tea Pot

Enamel Tea Pot – Ideal for Traveling

I was not planning on buying a new tea pot, it just sort of happened. I am unable even to profess the need for a new teapot – the word need is such a subjective word mind you…….

In any event, I do have a new year policy – one in, one out. So there’s a decision to be made for the clear out – although to be honest I think there is a need for a rule change – I will clear out and donate something to a worthy charity, it just may not be a like for like exchange…….I can see the way this will go…….

“surrounded by beautiful teapots with not a plate to eat on, she was none the less totally contented, the only issue was the struggle to eat a meal out of a teapot instead from a plate”……….mmm….I am sure it won’t some to this……….

At this point, you could be forgiven for asking what has this to do with the new year? Well, as well as the year, my tea pot is new and signals a few resolutions for the new year

– to be grateful that I am able to buy things that I consider beautiful and practical.

– to remember all the wonderful shared moments I have spent sharing (and not) a lovely cup of tea

– to relish change and things that herald the beginning of a new year

But I digress – this practical purchase is for a specific purpose and it is this – picnics in wonderful places while travelling the world where a tea girl cannot possibly be without the ability to maker a proper cuppa. After quite a dilemma with a lovely red tea pot, I have chosen classic white with a blue rim for my tea ware which I adore.

I confess I have brewed tea in some unlikely places much to my travelling companions frustration – then he takes his first sip and has to concede, reluctantly he’ll be the first to tell you, but none the less concede that a cup of tea is just what he needed, yes needed!

So, my dears, if you have plans, or no plans at all, make 2014 the year you reflect on all that you have already and think about your new year resolutions and strive to have a go of at least some of them – what are we waiting for? I know you will wish me luck with my travelling tea pot – which you can see I have already chipped – I anticipate more chips along the way!

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Christmas is solved! Well, it is for all of us tea lovers at any rate. These very stylish woollie beauties to cover tea pots by Dutch designer Eva Solo are just the thing to keep hot all that needs to be kept hot – after all, with all the potential challenges ahead for winter fuel and heating, I think every tea pot deserves to be kept warm too, don’t you?

woolly tea pot cover

The very stylish Eva Solo woolly tea pot cover – every tea pot deserved to be kept warm this winter


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Summer in a Tea Pot

Summer in a Tea Pot


In a freak accident of nature, and unknown for many years, it appears that the UK is actually experiencing warm blue skys that closely resemble summer……of course, we are keeping terribly quiet about it in the vain hope that if we ignore this meteorological phenomenon, it will continue. As iced tea has never been something that I have embraced,  to celebrate this quite lovely weather, I thought I would create summer in my very own favourite tea pot. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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Pylones is an innovative company that takes everyday objects and designs them into wonderful animations that are both practical and amusing.

My personal favourite that exemplifies this was the squid shaped whisk but frankly my dears, that was before I discovered their new range of kettles. Heavily disguised as teapots,I adore the description of these colourful creations for boiling water almost as much as the objects themselves. Quite honestly, Pylones kettle description is just too fabulous not to include, so I do so, word for excellent word:

Behind my cool exterior, I’m boiling with passion. I’m steaming with desire and bubbling with anticipation. When I start to boil I turn myself off, ready to serve you the perfect cuppa.

Pylones teapot shaped Kettle Byzance – Boiling with passion

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……why yes, a terribly useful hook for all those things that need a place to be hung. Loved the quirky practical use of half a tea pot!

terribly practical tea pot spout hooks – Not on the high street

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