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Tea package from Golden Tips Tea

Tea package from Golden Tips Tea

I hardly dare open it, this package wrapped in cloth and sewn shut with deft stitches, edges sealed with molten wax. Rarely do such exotic packages reach my door so I want to savour it. Quickly though, I realise that I can either stare at this beautiful packaging, anticipating but never actually seeing what the box contains, or destroy it to reach its contents – hastily, I choose the latter. Such a life lesson already for 2015!

Inside, there is tea sent from India. A bewildering choice is before me but I know what the first brew will be. I breath in the heady aroma – I can almost taste it! The Chai is warming, flavoursome, a quite lovely blend of Assam with just the right amount of cardamom and cinnamon to give sweetness and depth and warmth and comfort. I close my eyes to savour each sip. Well, my dears, it is a dark and cold winters night – what else can a tea girl do?

My huge thanks to Golden Tips Tea who have been very generous in sending tea with their compliments. More reviews to follow.

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