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why send flowers when you can send biscuits?

Biscuiteer Tea for Two – Why send flowers when you can send biscuits?

“Why send flowers when you could send biscuits?” Why indeed?! 

This rather splendid question raised my expectations and I for one was not disappointed by the marvellous creativity of Biscuiteers – you could choose a tin of nativity biscuits – quite appropriate for time of year – or a tin of Christmas Tree biscuits – which they argue no Christmas tree would be complete without – and who am I to argue? …………Except there was no contest in my mind – Tea with Mary Kates immediate choice was a personalised tea for two – anyone for tea and an almost too amazing to eat biscuit?

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Too cute red squirrel tea cosy

Too cute red squirrel tea cosy

I officially ADORE this tea cosy – from the unlikely but quite marvellous Jane Beck Welsh blankets. It is really too cute for Christmas – with a red squirrel who by all accounts ought to be all tucked up for winter – mind you, as it has been quite mild of late, you could be forgiven for keeping your squirrel up and about and occupied for the christmas festivities by deploying him to manage things on the tea front  – I do wish you a a very merry warm and cosy tea time.

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make your own tea - in this lovely Tisaniere from Sarah Raven

make your own tea – in this lovely Tisaniere from Sarah Raven

Most of the time I love to drink robust black tea but there are times my dears when a healing herbal infusion is just the thing. This is where the “make your own tea range” from Sarah Raven  comes into its own. I adore the lovely tisaniere or if you need just one cup the tea for one infuser will be just the ticket, although quite honestly I cannot image too many situations where one cup would suffice . Then, there are the rather cute tea bags for keeping your herbs in with its practical metal clip but ensuring the flavour gets out. The main reason I think the whole range is so utterly charming though is that you can grow your own herbs to infuse – splendid stuff.

make your own tea - with these lovely tea bags from Sarah Raven

make your own tea – with these lovely tea bags from Sarah Raven

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Always on the look out for lovely things to do with tea, I found this rather splendid afternoon tea tile from Marlborough  tiles. My dears, so lovely is it that to justify a purchase I am thinking of all kinds of walls that need to be tiled………………I hope you think it is lovely too.

Lovely afternoon tea tile from Marlborough tiles

afternoon tea tile 

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Lahloo Tea's Oolong

Mindfulness – brewing tea as a way to finding peace in a frantic world

In all our lives, I think there are times when we will feel fine, content even – we are contributing to the world in a way that is meaningful to us. Then there are the other times when it’s decidedly out of kilter. Before your mind even leaps to the question “What has this to do with tea?”, I am going to ask you to pause, to breathe and hear me out.

When we feel out of sorts in a way that we are unable to solve and quite honestly would benefit from a little guiding help to rediscover our more centred and grounded self, this is where the discovery of Mindfulness – A practical guide to peace in a frantic world – comes into its own.

To practise, authors Prof Mark William’s and Danny Penman ask for an activity to be identified that “mindfulness” can be applied to. In other words, they seek a daily activity to which we can apply their “be in the now” philosophy. Frankly, my dears, it will come as no great surprise what the activity is that I identified – yes,making a cup of tea.

As I reach for the teapot, I am already observing my breathing, listening for the kettle to boil, then really hearing the hiss of the water on the tea, experiencing the distinctive aroma, the feel of the china in my hand, and anticipating that first warm sip. Already, experiencing this “now” has already slowed my breathing and reconnected me to the present.

MINDFULNESS focuses on promoting joy and peace rather than banishing unhappiness. It’s precisely focused to help ordinary people boost their happiness and confidence levels whilst also reducing anxiety, stress and irritability.

More tea anyone?

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In the deep dark depths of ancient Welsh Woodland, you can just make out a whisper of smoke rising from rather an unprepossessing cottage. Far from pretty but surrounded by a garden with the feel of a grotto, you would be unsurprised to walk past fairies & witches as you make your way to the threshold.

Inside Ty Hyll, “The Ugly House” though, all feels welcoming & safe. The fire blazes in the open hearth, the tinkle of spoons against china, each ring casts what feels like an enchanting spell. Their blend of tea tastes quite magical (and is frustratingly secret!). Seek out this characterful place near Snowdonia and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Ugly House

Pretty Tea at the Ugly House


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Christmas is solved! Well, it is for all of us tea lovers at any rate. These very stylish woollie beauties to cover tea pots by Dutch designer Eva Solo are just the thing to keep hot all that needs to be kept hot – after all, with all the potential challenges ahead for winter fuel and heating, I think every tea pot deserves to be kept warm too, don’t you?

woolly tea pot cover

The very stylish Eva Solo woolly tea pot cover – every tea pot deserved to be kept warm this winter


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