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Wouldn’t it be dreadful to live in a country where they didn’t have tea?

So said Noel Coward. Quite honestly, what self respecting tea drinker could possibly disagree. Indeed, I would go so far as to advocate the need to employ some sort of tea strategy to avoid at all costs that situation where you are unable to get a decent cuppa. Well, you wouldn’t wish to be caught short, craving for that all important and restorative cup of tea, especially when you are on holiday and meant to be having a splendid time.

Here are some thoughts on potential options:

1 Find a fabulous tea room PDQ (that’s pretty darn quick)

A local option is frankly an upside miracle in some situations, and plan B at best.  but what a rescue if you can locate such an establishment.

There is hope for this approach, as I have stumbled across some lovely places whilst on my travels.

2 Locate an amazing leaf tea supplier

I shudder to think of the scenario if, heaven forbid, you are in the inevitable position of having left or, she gasps in amazement, forgotten to pack your tea supplies from home. In this case, you’ll be hoping for strategic option 1, however, failing this, finding a seller of gorgeous leaf tea is then another possibility to remedy the omission.

3 Create you very own, home from home, portable travelling tea kit

As you may have guessed, this is my preferred approach, as at least you know you have something to fall back on! What I would advise, strongly is to create, or find your own kit. In my kit is an unbreakable tea pot, flasks with hot water and cold milk, and the all important leaf and ahem, tea bags (one never knows the constraints of the situation that may dictate the tea making…needs must and frankly this is preferable to no tea at all), flasks, and lovely cups. What I would just love to have in my possession though is a gorgeous vintage tea making picnic hamper. No hot water flasks requited here as the means to heat water is part of the set up. Quite frankly, freshly boiled water is so much better for tea making.

Beautiful and Practical Tea Picnic Hamper – From Huey Ying Hsu pinterest

If abroad from old Blighty, there are other key tea factors at play

I do confess that even the self created tea kit does have its limitations however……..The water will be different  for sure. I remember using filtered water when I lived in the US, and still tea just never quite was the same. I could not achieve that perfectly remembered brew until I returned home. Then, there is the additional complication if you take anything in your tea. As I am one of those, it is access to fresh milk that taxes me, and in hotter climes, my experience is that this is virtually an impossibility. Without wishing to sound like I am never going to leave the security of my home for fear of the lack of a decent cup of tea, one country that delighted the tea sense was Japan. I would return in a heartbeat.

It goes without argument then that when you are a tea girl who is a long way from home, clearly, one would wish to avoid being caught short. I’d be thrilled to hear of any more idea for avoiding such a dire situation as lacking tea while travelling.

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Take Time for Tea - A quite Splendid Vintage Afternoon Tea Party

The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley

Ah, the marvellous British weather! I adore the quotation from Scotland’s famous poet Robert Burn’s in his 1785 poem “To a Mouse”. It absolutely captures the essence of managing unpredictability, when plans famously go askew. And after weeks of sunshine, my best laid plans of  sitting in a marquee surrounded by a warm breeze and gently fluttering bunting is gang aft agley!

The marquee on the lawn has to be abandoned, but only after the assembly crew have almost expired laughing at their own ineptitude. It is too chilly and the wind is turning the marquee cover into a kite that quite capable of launching you into the sky. Practical lesson number one – you can never know what the British weather will throw at you, so do have a contingency plan. My contingency – Turn the house into a tea room!

Beautiful Vintage Tea Cups are perfect for Afternoon Tea

Vintage Tea Cups are the just the Perfect inspiration for a Vintage afternoon Tea party

Vintage Tea cups are just so beautiful and so versatile! The original designs of these gorgeous bone china cups are quite the perfect foil to inspire a vintage afternoon tea party!

Fabulous beautiful vintage cups

A Vintage style Afternoon Tea Menu’s signal the delights to come

The design of the Afternoon Tea menu enhances the vintage theme, beautifully decorated with ribbons and gorgeous fabrics. Alluring descriptions of the delights to come, including the tea to be sampled, add interest and create a talking point, although none is needed!

The tea served is from Northern Tea Merchants and is brewed to perfection:

Classic Blend – A bright, full bodied blend of Rwanda, Assam, Ceylon, East of the rift Kenya, picked at the height of the season

Rose Congou – An aromatic flavoursome black china tea blended with rose oil and delightfully mixed with rose bud petals

I adore Famous Tea Quotes!

The addition of a famous tea quote is an ingenious idea. Quirky or thought-provoking, it adds to the vintage atmosphere. I love this one from Henry James, The portrait of a Lady

“There are few hours more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea”

Enchanting Idea's to create an enticing Afternoon Tea Menu

Fill Tea cups  with Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful country cottage flower style arrangements of soft lime green Alchemilla mollis with aromatic lavender, flowering purple thyme and pink hydrangea look  absolutely exquisite on the white linen covered tables. On a practical note, do use oasis to secure the arrangement. These floral tea cups are also a handsome gift, and for our charity afternoon tea event, the lovely flower filled cups were cheerful raffle prizes.

Summer in a Tea Cup - Fill Vintage Tea Cups with pretty flowers

Tea cups filled with Rose Jelly and Summer Fruits are an adorable sweet treat

Charming,  elegant and delicious, tea cups filled with summer fruit and rose scented jelly was an adorable sweet treat. The idea is a sophisticated extension from children tea party but it is quite simply genius – everyone loved the concept. Do generously fill cups with a mixture of summer fruit. Imagine strawberry’s, raspberries, red currants and blueberries magically suspended in a pale pink jelly delicately flavoured with rose. A rose petal completes the elegant sweet treat.

No Vintage afternoon tea is complete without a tantalising selection of Cakes, with marvellous scones, Jam and cream

The Vintage afternoon Tea is an indulgence, a treat, a feast for the senses and palate. With a bewildering choice of  tempting cakes including cup of tea cake, millionaires shortbread, melting moments, lemon drizzle, plain and chocolate butterfly cakes, as well as gorgeous scones, the pleasing dilemma was what to choose. As the ideal situation is to sample a little of everything, so do make the portion’s on the small side, so it is very feasible to sample everything!

Atmospheric 1940s melodies drifts throughout the house

The Glynn Miller big band instantly transports the afternoon tea party to another vintage era, a nostalgic time, the tunes the echo of war, where time together was precious.

And Tea Cups for the Tea!

The electic mix of china, with virtually each cup unique, is an enticing and engaging aspect of afternoon tea party. The chinking of spoons on china is such a distinctive noise, the adorable mix of china cups and saucers signal the afternoon tea is splendidly vintage.

Eclectic mix of china cups just perfect for Vintage Afternoon Tea

A Quite Splendid Vintage Afternoon Tea.

There is an intrinsic ceremony to taking time for tea. It creates such a nurturing, intimate environment, and we all need to belong, to connect, to be interested in each other. A Vintage Afternoon Tea party allows the perfect time for exploration of those needs. Afternoon Tea feels like a real treat, and evokes another era when interactions were precious. Tea with Mary Kate’s wish for this post it that it reminds us that this is still so.

As well as the conviviality of sharing afternoon tea, the other aim of this tea was to raise money for the very worthwhile cause of Help for Heroes, and my huge and grateful thanks go to Betty, Tish & Pearl for their talented and quite wonderful support for the event.

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