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Full of the sense of possibility, of positive “can do”, and wide eyed perfect smiles, the American dream is captivating, nevertheless, it was proving rather tricky to find a decent cup of tea in the good old USA.

Quite by accident, just when I had given up if truth be told, we found it – Tea and Sympathy, it’s name betraying its purpose – a perfect tea sanctuary. The essence of a British tea room found right in the heart of TriBeCa NY city. If you are a Brit in the US who like me felt the need for a feeling of home, this is the place for you. And if the leaf tea alone does not suffice, proper puddings are included too.

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It is early but she is already wide awake. Bells in the distance indicate the hour – she knows it is too early to rise but she is restless. A decision needs to be made and she is unable to remember a time when she is so unsure of what step to take.


It’s springs to her mind in a rush of consciousness. The noise of the kettle boiling, the hard ceramic contours of her favourite tea pot – already she is starting to feel better.

One choice comes easily – Assam, bright and bold. The water hisses on the leaves. I hold the warm cup inhaling the distinctive aroma – perhaps this choice is meant to savored. Tea and sympathy – all is well.

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