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Good old British tea, scrummy cakes, and Best Indian, Ceylon, Darjeeling and Lapsang Tea – who could wish for more!

We all need to belong, to connect, to be interested in each other. Enchanting Afternoon Tea allows the time for exploration of those needs. Sumptuous tea, with cake & jam & honey feels like a real treat, and evokes another era when you dusted off your best crockery. Tea with Mary Kate is all about inspiration for seemingly ordinary events, and turning them into wonderful connecting experiences. Enchanting afternoon tea gives us the opportunity to do just that, with a wonderful intrinsic ceremony to the event, and time to love generously.


5 Splendid Idea’s for Enchanting Afternoon Tea –  Idea’s and Inspiration from Tea with Mary Kate

Agatha Christie Inspired Afternoon Tea

Inspired by her amazing books, I think the “Queen of Crime” would be equally thrilled at the prospect of afternoon tea, as the cupboards at her own home at Greenway were packed full of beautiful china tea cups. The “Evil under the Sun” lemon tartlet and “The Clocks” macaroon look almost too good to eat – well almost!My SubscriptionsNEW

Glorious Welsh Afternoon Tea

Hurrah! Thank goodness that the 7th Duchess of Bedford was so ravenous, she was bold enough to order bread and cakes  to eat mid afternoon, unable to wait for dinner that was served very late in the evening in the 1840s! After the idea caught on with her friends, so started the regular gatherings, and over time, the tradition of British Afternoon tea.

Bara Brith - Gorgeous cake for a Welsh Afternoon tea

Rose Inspired Afternoon Tea

Do send an invitation for a rose inspired Vintage Afternoon Tea. The sheer delight of receiving such an invitation is a signal that it is special. I think 3.30pm is the perfect time, ideal to do your preparations, and still have enough time for you to get ready too.

Of course, lay the table the vintage table cloths. In my imagination, there is chatter and the sound of teaspoons chinking on bone china. Harlequin sets are quite lovely, and you are feeling terribly generous, you could even give everyone their tea cups as a gift from the day.

A Quite Splendid Vintage Afternoon Tea

The design of the Afternoon Tea menu enhances the vintage theme, beautifully decorated with ribbons and gorgeous fabrics. Alluring descriptions of the delights to come, including the tea to be sampled, add interest and create a talking point, although none is needed!

The tea served is from Northern Tea Merchants and is brewed to perfection:

Classic Blend – A bright, full bodied blend of Rwanda, Assam, Ceylon, East of the rift Kenya, picked at the height of the season

Rose Congou – An aromatic flavoursome black china tea blended with rose oil and delightfully mixed with rose bud petals

vintage afternoon tea menu

Inspiration for an Amazing Easter Afternoon Tea

I remember as a child my grandmother having a beautiful plate to serve the soft lettuce, and freshly cut bread onto which would be spread lashings of butter – it really did taste like nothing I have ever had since! Easter afternoon Tea is an indulgence, not only a feast for the appetite – stacks of gorgeous sandwiches, savouries, cakes and tea of course – it also a feast for the eyes – and there is a gift in its beautiful presentation, but the act of just doing it is all important.

vintage afternoon tea

My wish is that this has encouraged you to enter into the spirit of the moment, and indulge your creativeness to home bake and create an enchanting Easter afternoon tea.

time for tea

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