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The kettle has freshly boiled. I need to have patience now for the alchemy of leaves and water to create their magical brew. I choose my cup while am waiting to taste my next infusion of tea from Jeniers. The Indian Tree pattern from a beautiful Anchor china vintage cup catches my eye – a quite perfect complement to this Indian tea.

Beautiful Indian Tree Vintage China tea cup - Anchor china

Tea with Mary Kates review of Assam

The brown & green leaves smell sweet and woody. From the Borengajuli estate, this is a second flush flowery broken orange pekoe (FBOP). It is full bodied and strong with soft malty flavours.  A proper cup of tea, it feels sustaining and a real pick me up. Without question, this is a tea that Tea with Mary Kate advises to be taken with milk.

This Scottish based company is looking to provide a quality product and service in the tradition of pioneers like Sir Thomas Lipton. Liquid biscuit in a cup, Assam is one of Tea with Mary Kates favourite teas. My thanks to the lovely team at Jenier for the opportunity to taste their Borengajuli FBOP Assam.

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I realise that I could be accused of a tea cosy obsession at the moment, but just imagine the delight at being woken on Valentines day morning to tea in bed, kept warm with this delightful tea and egg cosy in blackberry mousse knit.

My dears, there is more good news! Jenier world of tea has just the perfectly named brew to serve this valentines day

 Lovers Leap Ceylon tea  available as loose leaf orthodox or in a delightful pouch. Described as a truly delightful, medium bodied, flavoursome tea from one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka, this Scottish based company’s focus is on quality. Jenier assure us that as it is grown at high altitude amongst steep hills, we can be sure of tasting a wonderful piquant cup with real Ceylon character. Well, I will need to take their word on it now with a prospect of a future order to sample this tempting tea.

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What can I say – Tea with Mary Kate has found the perfect gift for all you Tea lovers out there – enjoy!

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