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Who could resist An invitation to Afternoon Tea from Jo Malone?

I could hardly contain my excitement on discovering Jo Malone’s latest innovation –  a fragrance that is inspired by tea! Jo has created a range of tea fragrance blends but by some strange coincidence my favourite is Earl Grey & cucumber, aptly named “afternoon tea”.

An invitation to Tea from Jo Malone

Aromatic, atmospheric, fragrance transports you back to the time when you last experienced that same particular aroma.

Memories float into being before you can even place the thought. Like no other sense, smell can stop you in your tracks. I adore the evocative nature that smells stimulate – the fresh smell of the air after it has rained, pungent blue hyacinths and warm bluebell woods. Tea also has a very distinctive aroma. Breathing in the smell of dried tea leaves, I always think of my grandmother’s kitchen, boiling water hissing and  the aroma of warming tea.

Tea with Mary Kate was thrilled to discover another use for tea. Jo Malone’s “afternoon Tea” fragrance is a really gorgeous blend of bergamot, cucumber, beeswax, vanilla and musk.  I love the description for this delightful fragrance “a playful twist on the British tradition of high tea”.  Just the perfect fragrance to wear for a very memorable afternoon tea. It is limited edition, so do rush to Jo Malone’s soon!

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