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While Mother’s Day is a well established event, historically Father’s Day has never gained such recognition

You’ll know by now from the numerous blog posts to this site, Tea with Mary Kate looks to inspire us to take time to connect, to encourage us to appreciate the ordinary & value it for the extraordinary that it is, each and every day. June 20th is Father’s Day across many countries in the world, and is such a wonderful opportunity to say thank you. Seize the moment, be courageous!

Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennet receiving advice from her father

Tea with Mary Kate’s inspiring idea’s for the Perfect Father’s Day

Father’s Day Tea in Bed – Breakfast and a Cup to match!

Making breakfast in bed is a perfect way to celebrate the start of Father’s Day! Another idea is to serve the tea in a mug or cup that is a present, as a momento of the day. It goes without saying that of course, the tea would need to be leaf, and brewed in a tea pot.

A Day Trip to his Favourite Place

Now, this is the crucial thing – it may not be your favourite place but the point here it that it is his – and that’s the gift!

A Sizzling Barbeque

I defy any Dad to not be delighted with a full on barbeque – in between the current football world cup games of course. You may even have trouble prizing said Dad away from the cooking – you know, all that outdoor cooking is such a man thing……

Organic Grooming for Father’s Day from Neal’s Yard

Gorgeous smelling products that will make your Dad feel wonderful – with the added benefit that he’ll smell and look lovely too! A winner all round really!A Delicious Father’s Day Treat from Betty’s

Of course, it’s a well know fact that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…….and this one is great for all those sweet toothed fathers. Betty’s wonderful cakes never disappoint.

A Bottle of his Favourite Tipple

The Black Isle Brewing Co is a small intensely independent organic brewery in Inverness, the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Their mission is to produce a range of top quality organic beers packaged in recycled materials. The barley and hops used are grown on organic farms, without artificial fertilisers or herbicides. Your conscience can be assuaged by the organic credentials. I love their clever motto:


A Gadget for Father’s Day

There are your standard power tools of course, but for a quite extravagant present, and it really is extravagant despite the claims of an unbelievable price, how about the Apple iPAD for the ultimate technological gift!

Presents are lovely, but the real gift is the thought, the care, dare I say the love in the act of recognising your Dad on Father’s Day

For those Dad’s that are no longer with us, it’s a moment to remember them. Your Dad may have offered great advise at a critical moment in your life, may even have been the white knight on the charger coming to your rescue, loved you so unconditionally that it meant the whole world to you. Life is so precious, but it sometimes that eludes us. Tea with Mary Kate’s wish for this post is that it motives you to create a Father’s Day to remember, a memorable occasion to celebrate our Father’s.

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