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Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always To be Blest.

So wrote Alexander Pope as long ago as 1733. I believe hope is one of the most precious gifts – it can lift us at our darkest moments, it can sustain us, allow us to believe, to continue. Without it, we are utterly lost. I’m not saying that we never lose our way, and sometimes we wonder where hope has disappeared to. What is critical though is to know how to get it back for you.

It may be a great triumph over adversity, it may be the sun on a beautiful day, it may be making the start of a small plan for whatever project you are interested in, it may be seeing that first snowdrop, or receiving a beautiful bouquet……whatever it is, hold onto it, as it is more precious than you can ever know.

I was completely enthralled by the gift of this beautiful spring bouquet

The captivating scent of Blue Hyacinths with the fragrant addition of eucalyptus, blue thistles that resonated with my Scottish leanings, with just a perfect amount of white alstromeria and spider chrysanthemum to capture the essence of spring, all hand tied with a cream satin ribbon and wrapped in power blue tissue.  I adored it completely.

What enthralled me too was the consideration and thoughtfulness that had been employed to create such a ccompletely unanticipated gift – the surprise of it was all the more pleasurable, as there was no expectation, no preparedness for a particular response.

The gift of this bouquet was such a ray of sunshine, a delight, not only in its intrinsic beauty but as a gift in the expression of art in its creation. It was perfectly made for me. The shining knight is sometimes unable to solve everything on the white charger, a wish may not granted but you can always hold onto your inspiration for hope. My wish is that it motivates you to delightfully surprise someone close to you too.

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