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If you ever find yourself in Nantwich, Cheshire in need of quality loose leaf tea, look no further than Tea Leaves & Coffee Beans.

Recently established in Hospital street, it is a leaf tea lovers paradise! After sampling their gorgeous Formosa Oolong, this time, I was tempted by their Japanese green cherry Bancha, with its wonderful fresh smelling bright green leaves. I was instantly transported to the streets of Gion, surrounded by stunning geisha. With daily samples to try, you are never short of inspiration.

Stunning Geisha - Guardian newspaper

Emergency Tea!

I adored their latest creation –  emergency tea! Tea with Mary Kate is very aware of the healing and healthy benefits of tea when discussing the future of tea with UK Tea Councils Bill Gorman. In lovely recyclable packaging, Tea Leaves & Coffee Beans provide sealed bags to keep the tea as fresh as possible. Each tea has been speciality chosen to meet the needs of the emergency, be that hungry dieter, horribly hungover, Monday morning blues, or always poorly.

Emergency Tea - Healthy Leaf Tea

Also, there is more to look forward too. Tea with May Kate was very excited to learn that a Tea for Halloween is also in the making. Instead of the usual sweets and chocolates, what a marvellous trick or treat gift!

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“Tea lovers of the world unite” is the rallying call from The UK tea council, a really excellent site for the full on tea guru.  This one stop shop for everything that is tea. It is an independent, non-profit making body that promotes tea with wonderfully inspiring ideas for perfect places for afternoon tea. I think my entire year of weekends is now fully booked.


The delightful experience of afternoon tea


I’m a big Chai fan so particularly liked the article on It’s Chai Time. This excellent brew is really so hard to find & is truly a tea made in tea heaven! Big wish that more tea shops would serve it.


Think Slumdog millionaire


For all you tea novices, how to make the perfect cuppa is also very helpful. I also thought a brief history of tea was really thought-provoking – good to read while you sip away

And how clever to give you reasons why tea is good for health – but it’s such a gorgeous, enriching, healing, connecting experience, that first warm, aromatic sip – you hardly need too much motivation or encouragement……….

Since I’ve found this site, I’ve been back most days to read their excellent updates, well worth a look!

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Here I am, tea in hand, sitting by the fire, contemplating the very appealing prospect of a Neals’ Yard Orange & Geranium bath, a truly therapeutic, not to mention gorgeous smelling experience. Neal’s Yard Remedies is a quintessentially British Institution. Pioniers in natural therapies when most were focused on the chemical & synthetic, its vision was to bring the apothecary back to life – I love the fact that Neal’s Yard wanted to connect with the knowledge of the past – & it is really resonating now more then ever.

Scottish & recycable

Neal’s Yard focus is on health & happiness & way’s of improving our well being.

I have been a huge fan since its inception & went to extraordinary lengths to stock up on its products when I lived away from old Blighty a few years ago. Their rose cream is one of their many award winners & has truly healing properties.

Healing with a gorgeous smell - Rose cream

Other favourites include white tea toning eye gel, frankinscence hydrading night cream as well as a fabulous range of shampoos. I guarantee that the smell alone will send you rushing back for more.

Eco headquarters with an obsession for improving health naturally, and a passion for the environment

I would love to visit the eco-headquarters and physic garden in Gillingham, Dorset where they design, test and make all their own products. Neal’s Yard admit to being obsessed with discovering and delivering natural ways to improve health & also believe passionately that the environment is of vital importance, & support and promote organic farming and the use of certified organic ingredients in their products.

Of course, they also sell tea! Very healthy, therapeutic tea!

Lemon Balm & Rose tea is one of my favourites.

Healing Tea from Neal's Yard

Neal’s Yard also say no, it’s a clever way of promoting their ethos & I for one will continue to seek out their creative range of healing products.

NO ANIMAL TESTING – unnecessary and cruel
NO GMO INGREDIENTS – not enough is known about the long-term implications
NO PARABENS – linked to oestrogen overproduction and breast cancer
NO NANO PARTICLES – not enough is known about their long-term implications
NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES – often associated with allergic reactions
NO SYNTHETIC COLOURS – often associated with allergic reactions
NO SILICONES – coat the skin, impeding its natural function
NO MINERAL OILS – derived from petroleum, have a tendency to block the skin
NO PHTHALATES – reported to have toxic impact on human and animal life
NO EDTA – doesn’t readily biodegrade
NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL – derived from petroleum
NO CARBOMER – derived from petroleum
NO DEA – associated with known carcinogens

Say NO to being contaminated without consent


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300 years of happy dreaming. So said Mary Kate Danaher in John Ford’s “The Quiet Man” the inspiration for “Tea with Mary Kate”.

Mary Kate is passionate, fiery, & spirited. She has freckles & a temper & although she lives in poor rural Ireland, her possessions are a treasure to her. Not for their material value but for their intrinsic beauty, for the joy of seeing them, for the home they create. The items are old, worn, some chipped but evoke memories.

When it looks like her dowry & fortune will be kept by her brother, her brand new husband, Sean Thornton, remarks “seems like a lot of fuss & grief over furniture and stuff”, she describes how they represent her, herself, & the generation before her – its not just stuff, its memories, it’s connections to the past, it’s the roots of her belonging. It matters where the furniture is placed, down to the candle stick on top of the piano. It is important that her own china & pewter is shining about her.

Mary Kate is radiantly beautiful but practical, she wants vegetables instead of roses.

Sean Thornton wants roses, as this is the memory his mother has painted while dreaming of Ireland from being newly emigrated. Despite these differences, & they are different, they have a connectedness that is fundamental – & love conquers all.

I adore this film. It’s absolutely romantic to its core, & gives pause to think of everyday, every moment, as important, something I think we’ve forgotten but can relearn.  & tea is a signpost to get us there.

Tea with Mary Kate is currently an enthusiatic amateur’s passion to further explore the world of tea, though at its heart is a more fundamental desire to provide the inspiration to connect with each other in a meaningful way that most days we are simply too rushed to do. The ceremony of tea represents an opportunity to pause, to breathe, to admire the aesthetic that evokes a way of living that is gentle and respectful, nurturing the mind, body & spirit. My wish for this blog is to highlight the heart and inspiration for living – & tea!


Mary-Kate and Shawn

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