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The sun is streaming through the windows, even through my first bleery blink, I know it’s a glorious day.

The blue bells have finally raised their heads after a long, hard winter. Almost as some kind of compensation, the blossom on the Horse Chestnut trees appears even more prolific, the perfumed lilac blossom drifting in the air, like confetti across the perfect blue sky. Oh, that every morning could be like this.

It’s on mornings like these, while I am a good old fashioned fan of strong tea (usually my favourite Yorkshire Gold leaf tea), I am tempted into an excursion.

I happened to find Tea’s me, drawn by the bright yellow label on funky silver bag. Sometimes though, you see great packaging and when you taste the tea, frankly, it is a bit of a disappointment. I’m delighted to report, this is not the case here. Tea’s Me tea’s are organic,with innovative combinations for non caffeine based teas, with delightfully quirky names. I tried Zestea, full of lemon and orange peel, with lemon verbena for extra zing – think sherbet lemons in liquid form,  Ticklishly Tasty indeed.

Teas me ticklishly tasty tea

As the tea is without milk, a glimpse of beautiful decoration on the inside of the cup is the driving force

So it is an easy decision this time. I chose a beautiful early 20th century cup, made by Cauldon, simply decorated with a swirling gold pattern on the outside, a vivid blue rim, and a profusion of beautiful roses on the inside, the promise of summer yet to come.

tea in a vintage tea cup

Tempted by the bright summer morning, Tea with Mary Kate  encourages you to explore a change from your normal routine, you never know what you might discover!

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Here I am, tea in hand, sitting by the fire, contemplating the very appealing prospect of a Neals’ Yard Orange & Geranium bath, a truly therapeutic, not to mention gorgeous smelling experience. Neal’s Yard Remedies is a quintessentially British Institution. Pioniers in natural therapies when most were focused on the chemical & synthetic, its vision was to bring the apothecary back to life – I love the fact that Neal’s Yard wanted to connect with the knowledge of the past – & it is really resonating now more then ever.

Scottish & recycable

Neal’s Yard focus is on health & happiness & way’s of improving our well being.

I have been a huge fan since its inception & went to extraordinary lengths to stock up on its products when I lived away from old Blighty a few years ago. Their rose cream is one of their many award winners & has truly healing properties.

Healing with a gorgeous smell - Rose cream

Other favourites include white tea toning eye gel, frankinscence hydrading night cream as well as a fabulous range of shampoos. I guarantee that the smell alone will send you rushing back for more.

Eco headquarters with an obsession for improving health naturally, and a passion for the environment

I would love to visit the eco-headquarters and physic garden in Gillingham, Dorset where they design, test and make all their own products. Neal’s Yard admit to being obsessed with discovering and delivering natural ways to improve health & also believe passionately that the environment is of vital importance, & support and promote organic farming and the use of certified organic ingredients in their products.

Of course, they also sell tea! Very healthy, therapeutic tea!

Lemon Balm & Rose tea is one of my favourites.

Healing Tea from Neal's Yard

Neal’s Yard also say no, it’s a clever way of promoting their ethos & I for one will continue to seek out their creative range of healing products.

NO ANIMAL TESTING – unnecessary and cruel
NO GMO INGREDIENTS – not enough is known about the long-term implications
NO PARABENS – linked to oestrogen overproduction and breast cancer
NO NANO PARTICLES – not enough is known about their long-term implications
NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES – often associated with allergic reactions
NO SYNTHETIC COLOURS – often associated with allergic reactions
NO SILICONES – coat the skin, impeding its natural function
NO MINERAL OILS – derived from petroleum, have a tendency to block the skin
NO PHTHALATES – reported to have toxic impact on human and animal life
NO EDTA – doesn’t readily biodegrade
NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL – derived from petroleum
NO CARBOMER – derived from petroleum
NO DEA – associated with known carcinogens

Say NO to being contaminated without consent


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At the heart of Tea with Mary Kate is the importance of belonging, of being connected to those around you. Britain has some wonderfully creative businesses, including those that, as well as supporting themselves, provides work for the broader community.  I remember reading, years ago now, the story of St Eval Candles, one woman’s single handed mission to save her farm in what was a pretty dire situation. The legacy now is as inspiring as the candles are uplifting.

The wonderful warmed aroma of the thyme & mint Victorian bowl is absolutely gorgeous – I know it sounds like a strange combination but one smell & I promise you’ll be a convert. Another favourite is Cinnamon & Orange which just smells of “Christmas” but I would advocate as an all year round aroma worth having.


Smells absolutely gorgeous all year round


I do hope you have the opportunity and very good fortune of visiting the delightful family run, Isle of Skye Candle Company. Fabulously hand crafted & from renewable sources, their very unique candles have the added benefit of a choice of essential oils.

So although at opposite ends of Britain, both of these companies have created really great candles, with creative flare & an eye to the communities in which they reside. I feel very proud to be able to support British candle makers in Britain, long may their success continue.

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