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The tradition of making and taking tea in proper china tea cups is immediately calming

It forces you to slow down as there is no rushing the alchemy of tea leaves brewing in the freshly boiled water. The enquiry and offer of pouring a cup of tea is connecting, there is a joy and gift in the process, a sense of belonging and communion in sharing the occasion.

The Ceremony and Nostalgia of Tea

There are ceremony’s associated with tea and also quite distinctive noises. Water boiling and the warming the pot for brewing, and of course, the choice of what tea to brew. Then measuring your leaf tea, and my dears, it does have to be leaf tea, into the warmed pot. The first “hiss” of alchemy when the hot water starts to mix with the tea leaves, then allowing the necessary time to brew. These are all essential elements before even thinking of pouring your tea into your beautiful tea cups. The sound of  tea spoons, stirring milk or sugar as they ring against the china cup, the cup chinking on the saucer. Sipping the warm, aromatic, comforting liquid is simply part of the quite wonderful experience that is taking tea.

Royal Albert’s celebration of 100 years of tea cups very cleverly captures the essence of each the decades of the 20th Century

As well as the essential noises of a tea making when there is a gathering for tea, tea deserves a wonderful cup. To celebrate it’s 100 year anniversary, Royal Albert has chosen a beautiful selection of patterns that capture the essence of the decades in tea cups. I loved the 1960s Golden Roses design, one of their all time iconic patterns.

Royal Albert Golden Roses Tea Cup

As I always associate the 60s with the British tea lady, I adored this image from Yorkshire tea, such a unique part of those times.

Tea and the ceremony of  Tea Echo’s through our lives at every occasion

Tea is there at every time and every occasion. As a child, I remember having a “proper china tea cup” at my grandparents, and feeling so grown up. The cup was decorated with roses, the tea poured for me, with a gentle warning to blown on it before I drank, as it was hot and wanted to avoid me burning my tongue. Tea starts our day, waking us first thing in the morning. Tea is there when we celebrate a birthday, a wedding, as a perfect contrast with the sweetness of the cake. Carrying flasks of hot water for tea at picnic’s, when there is something quite magical about the challenge of making tea outdoors, the sip of a hot tea is there in the fresh air, and is quite delightful. Tea is there when gathered for sad times, to warm and comfort, when the offer is really more to take a moment to care for you.

Tea creates memories, it connects us, and allows us a moment of calm.

Tea with Mary Kate’s wish for this post is that it inspires you to create such a moment, to give the gift of that memory by creating such an occasion.

Celebrating 100 years of Royal Albert china Tea Cups

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