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I just adore the cake designs that the very talented Anne Heap is creating the founder and pastry chef for the Pink Cake Box. A few of my favourites are below – just as well Anne is US based or this would have been really too tempting to resist! They are works of art and look far too lovely to eat even!

topsy turvery garden rose cake from pink cake box

Tea Pot inspired cake for afternoon tea from pink cake box

A gorgeous topsy turvey tea pot cake from pink cake box

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Royal Jubilee afternoon tea time treat from Betty's

Regular reader’s will know that Tea with Mary Kate is a loyal admirer of Betty’s – a fusion of  Yorkshire and Swiss heritage…aaahh, many a happy hour has been spent in their wonderful tea room in Harrogate.

Well, my dears, I have to admit that the Royal Jubilee Afternoon tea time goodies look so gorgeous it exceeds even my lofty expectations – their lebkuchen & marzipan corgi’s are just perfect for an effortless but amazing royal jubilee afternoon tea time – and quite honestly, who could resist the splendid diamond jubilee bear, dressed as one of the Queen’s horse guard – an edible delight! There is even Betty’s special recipe loose leaf tea – a glorious collection inspired by the Queen’s favourite things. Tea with Mary Kate can think of no better way to  host a marvellous jubilee afternoon tea time celebration.

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Jubilee afternoon tea at the Langham London

The original grand hotel, the Langham is doing its bit to join in the Jubilee celebrations with its diamond jubilee tea.  
What is even better is that they are holding the cost of tea to when the hotel first opened it doors in 1865. Oh dear, I thought, my imagination running wild at the prospect of  either being trampled in the rush or face a quite enormous queue on Sunday 10th June. Well, I need not have had a moments apprehension as the Langham has arrived at a quite splendid solution – you need to make a request to  apply for a reservation. How terribly civilised I thought! Just the proper thing for where the tradition of afternoon tea was born.
Now, my dears, at this stage I feel I do need to mention there are some other mandatory requirements for this special tea – and it is that you must wear a hat & a “whimsical touch of pink”. Well, I thought, I will hardly require too much persuading on that front – quite far from a hardship!  Tea with Mary Kate’s only dilemma is if chosen will be what hat to wear! Wish me luck my dears – applications required before 31st May 2012 – how thrilling!

Vintage Afternoon Tea wearing a splendid hat - postcard image from Eyedeal postcards

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Japanese inspired afternoon tea menu

My dears, it goes almost without saying that  Tea with Mary Kate is a British girl through and through, with a nod to tradition, and of course afternoon tea. Another tea ceremony that I have had the great privilege of  experiencing is in Japan. It is quite different but equally unique. Influenced by its Japanese roots, Nobu has now created an alternative to the traditional British afternoon tea and is launching its menu inspired by a combination of both traditions – a Japanese inspired afternoon tea! The Green Tea menu selection looks like a fabulous choice on its own – I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of such a splendid time out for tea. Any invitations to experience this fusion will be gratefully received!

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Little Moreton Hall is an iconic building. Owned by the National Trust, with its beams that have shaped and settled over 500 years, it is an Elizabethan treasure.

Afternoon Tea at the Little Tea Room - Little Moreton Hall

Now there is even more reason to pay a visit with the arrival of the Little tea room. As we watch the rain pour through the ancient windows outside – inside, the atmosphere is cosy – quite frankly the space does match up to its name – but it is the perfect place to nurture your spirit. Serving gorgeous Yorkshire tea, with you will be pleased to hear, extra boiling water supplied as standard – how splendid I thought. The cream and jam Victoria sponge was too delightful to resist. Tea with Mary Kate’s advice is to visit this gorgeous little tea room soon.

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The Elephant House Edinburgh - Birthplace of JK Rowlings Harry Potter

You could still easily walk past this rather unsuspecting cafe on the George IV bridge in Edinburgh – except that you are now hindered in your journey by those wishing to have their photographs taken outside…………

What I love about The Elephant House is that it has resisted turning its focus from saving elephants to the subject that has made it famous globally – and just in case you are unaware, this is the cafe that JK Rowling found warmth and inspiration when she was initially writing the tale of the now famous wizard – it is now known as the birthplace of Harry Potter .

I failed to resist the wonderful looking (and tasting) elephant shortbread, with a square of millionaires shortbread  sufficient to satiate any sweet tooth. What I adored most though was the choice of a large pot of leaf tea that tasted divine  – I opted for assam but there was a quite wonderful choice of other tea leaves. A nice touch are the Harry Potter fans scribbles  in the ladies which are a quite splendid tribute to the influence JK Rowlings books have had. It is well worth a visit to this quite unique venue.

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Well my dears I have discovered the delightful vintage inspired Betty Boyns lovely tea time designs.

My favourites are this gorgeous table cloth and napkins, completely irresistible and perfect for Easter tea time.

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